Who needs a dream?

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One minute thought: Explaining why a Value Proposition is important for a company is part of our daily job. Here’s our take.

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Who needs a dream?

How a Value Proposition can start the Renaissance of your company

Empty value declarations repel customers, damage managerial credibility, and produce cynical and demoralized personnel. Setting values just because they look good on your landing page is the perfect foundation for a demotivated environment, and what will produce a demotivated environment?


Boring products.

So how can a value proposition start a Renaissance in your company?

You understood that your company needed a shift and you already had that sparkle that is now a chip on your shoulder that you just can’t ignore.

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A Value Proposition is what you need at this exact moment.

It will shape a statement capable of bringing the dots together, such as positioning, unique proposition, vision, and tone of voice. Words are powerful, and a well-built sentence is a majestic tool that will bring your vision alive, connecting it to your real environment and making it tangible to your stakeholders.

As we can see, a proper Value Proposition is not just a promise to your customers but also an indirect reflection of your innermost company values. A promise to yourself and your colleagues that you will pursue the same final objective, and this is where the magic happens. When we are able to properly share and visualize the same dream under defined contours, we enable the whole system to work with unity of intent and key consistency.

But as the Queen showed us (too soon?), nothing is forever. Remember, the vision is not carved in a marble block, it’s dynamic like the horizon that changes while walking forward and, accordingly, your Value Proposition will have to be optimized over time.

Maintenance is essential for keeping your promise over time.

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