Job Description

We are looking for a SERVICE DESIGNER INTERN ( M / F )

If you don’t know what we are talking about (service huh? design?), thank you for your time, but this position is not for you.

If your strenght points are to be a good team player, an excellent problem solver and you have an amazing strong will to learn, well, really nice to meet you! You are amazing and

we are truly sorry, but we are definetely not a good match for you.

Who we are looking for

Who are you


You are a user centered design process believer and a User / People advocate and…

Short TL:DR version

  • You are a young professional male or female,
  • You are based in the north of Italy and can eventually reach easily the city of Milan or Bologna.
  • You can understand what you are reading.
  • You are a talented young professional with a little but strong work experience, who knows some foreign languages and travelled the world a bit.
  • You have a superhuman memory and you read a lot.
  • You are hyper efficient in handling boring tasks and a no whiner.
  • You can juggle a lot of things without fainting and if you are focused on a objective there is no limit to the sh*t you can handle.
  • You are not looking for a stability, you are not looking for a teacher, you are not looking for the job of your life.
  • You watch a lot of TV serials in english, preferibly without subtitles
  • You have a extraordinary skill into dealing with people / clients / us.
  • You are a beast, looking for the opportunity of creating your own opportunity.


Long version

You are an independant young professional, with little work experience, who knows where to look to learn how to do things. We are starting small and we have a lot of work, so usually we won’t have the time to TEACH you directly, but you will have plenty of time to LEARN, which means that you need to be resourceful into searching, reading and promoting tools and processes. We will be always at your service when needed.

You have a university knowledge (which means not really zero, but close will be ok) on service design or business or marketing or design (product | visual | digital ) or IT field and want to build competence in the business strategy industry. We don’t ask you to be omniscent, we are asking you to be solid enough on one vertical expertise, everything else can be learned.

We are looking for “people who can deal with other people” and are confident in their social skills: you will be doing user research activities and you will be speaking with high profile roles, therefore you have to be at ease in a suit. 

Manners maketh man (and woman).

You are one of a kind: we are different types of professionals and we strongly believe in the value of diversity. You will bring your own character at the table and we will be asking you in which direction nudge our small venture in order to allow you to call us “family”.

You are not looking for a job to survive: this is sentence is a bit tricky, we know and that’s is the reason we like it so much. You want to grow a “professional pride”: the team will always be accountable for delivering on time, but you and you only are the responsible of the quality of what you deliver, btw, don’t worry, you will get plenty of support and guidance.

What you will be doing


After the canonical trial test…

We are a small company therefore we have to pay the bills, but fortunately we have the privilege of doing many interest things with our clients and partners. Nevertheless the range of activities is quite wide, from utterly boring to amazing stuffs.

Our standard activities are:

  • Create documentation (report, keynotes, papers)
  • Illustrate deliverables ( user journey maps, service blueprints…)
  • Do research (field work, analysis and report)
  • Benchmark and market analysis (sometimes alone)
  • Design Value Propositions, concepts and services (not alone, of course)
  • Commuting (a lot)

We are asking you to be “process independant”, which means that you are able gather information, analyse data, visualize and present your findings with little support, It’s generally no use for us if you are the best thinker of the world, but you are not able to draw a 2×2 matrix and present it, with feelings.

In order to do so we require:

  • At most 1 or 2 yr of tentative work (working in the field is obviously a plus)
  • Work language proficency, orally and verbally, in Italian AND English
  • Illustrator / Photoshop / Figma skills
  • UX fundamentals (Service Design or Design Thinking is a huge plus)
  • Need to be Digital-able (Need o use a lot of apps and digital services )
  • Excellence is a plus (visual design, coding and / or research skill)


What we are offering

Our gratitude.

Everything else will be negotiated nevertheless with you.


We are Tactical  and we craft Value Propositions for irreverent Brands and Organizations that need to launch new or innovative lines of business and want to become leaders / dominate new markets.

It may sounds a bit cheesy, but It’s a helluva work and professionally fun (at least, for now).

Are we an experience design agency? Well, no. Ok, sort of.

We work well along with design and branding agencies and their clients but also with internal teams and external service providers. We empower our clients with user research activities, design thinking, product ownership and service design.

Think of us as premium high performance motor gasoline additive: you do have a motor, you have a preferred gasoline, but sometimes, you need a performance and innovation boost.

We are a remote-first company, but phisycally based in Italy, Bologna and Milan, and in Luxembourg (soon)


If we did answer back, you already pass the first step of the hiring process, which is easy and fast. We like you or not, no HR involved.

What’s next?

A short virtual call where you will have the chance to present yourself the way you want, a design portfolio, a case description or a pitch of yourself, then we will ask you how you will tackle a live challenge with us. 

If you think you are not satisfied with your answer, you can back off any moment and take your time. We can reschedule a couple of days later, but, please, time has a value, don’t waste yours and ours.

Last step, we will meet in person, in Milan or in Bologna for a small brief discussion and eventually planning your welcome party.

BTW, on the website, you can find the whole hiring process.

Footnote: We may not reach internal consensus at first, so it may require a further meeting to straighten out little things.

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