Welcome, Tactical.

For the records, this is our Hello World, the first Tactical post. We don’t know what future has for us, but let’s see what will lie ahead!

Usually, I don’t really know what to say on this occasion, but this time, some big news is coming to town.

Right before summer, is the most beautiful time of the year for me when it comes to professional stuff: It’s a period packed with activities, you have to run and rush to close projects with annoying clients, and you had to juggle between different jobs meanwhile you are trying to survive the scorching summer heat to close all pending tasks before the break.

It’s also a magical moment of professional inspiration: during the winter many ideas are born just to linger in your head until now when you make the commitment (every fracking year) to yourself to try to get some space and finally start working from yourself, instead of others.

It’s the time of the year when you try to take care of yourself, your professional growth, and your personal projects.

What I’m working on these days?

These two years were been somehow complicated, and we all had the time to reconsider our life and career. I personally took a leap of faith and after 4 years (good and bad years) of management consulting, I finally decided to resign and follow the wave of the Great Resignation. It took me at least 18 months to focus my mind on what I really wanted to get the next year, nevertheless after 2 failed early-stage startups, some family issues, and a lot of undecided matters to finally decide.

So what’s happened?

My leap of faith lead me to meet some incredible people and in a couple of months a new venture is born, a venture that really makes my heart pounding.. again…

Please, welcome Tactical.

Few seconds of silence…

Before you start mumbling…

Oh no, not another design studio!!

Mumbling Crowd

I want to assure you, NO, it’s not. You all can relief.

Tactical is something different, it’s a Value Proposition Studio.

It may sound cheesy today, but in the few years, you all will be hearing of us, btw for the moment thats’ all folks.

With this post I want to inaugurate the website, as you can see it’s on a very fancy domain that reflects our vision, a “management” and an “industries”, but the best is yet to come, I hope so…



Managing Partner at Tactical

Managing Partner, Value Proposition Strategy Director