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We live in a world of continuing change that blends over time into interconnected supercomplexity. Organisations are forced to make decisions today for highly uncertain futures, with limited tools and available knowledge. Recent crises, including the pandemic, the war and the environmental crisis, have challenged customers with the interdependence of their problems with unexpected and unrelenting wickedness.

Today’s key managers, from leaders and strategists to practitioners, engage with ever more complex problem areas, with the envisioning of new services, new products, entirely new line of businesses. Although it’s part of their work to empathise with, understand and contribute to tackling complex issues, and feel comfortable in fluid, chaotic times, it’s also their duty to go beyond just individual creativity  to deal  with creating a vision for all the people involved. 

And still, key people in an organization, can’t correctly articulate an effective Value Proposition to be shareable with their collegues and to the customers. 

Crafting a compelling value proposition will be one of the most important steps in developing the offering. It’s also one of the most often overlooked, even by smart, experienced managers. If you’re not communicating your strategy in terms of your value proposition, then you’re not doing an effective job as a key manager.

A Value Proposition is a deliberate act of strategy and cannot be written in a 2hrs workshop by a branding or design agency. 

This course ‘Value Proposition ‘ focuses on how to learn to think, act, design, and organise a Value Proposition, from the strategy, the design and the engineering.


First Quarter 2023


2 days (6 hrs each)








EUR 1630.00 *
VAT Excluded


  • C-Levels
  • D-Levels, such as Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand directors


  • Understand the value of value proposition design to your practice
  • Build a vision on the value proposition strategy and get familiar with its underlying principles and frameworks
  • Build confidence and increase your ability to plan, organize and communicate your vision
  • Learn how to discover, enrol, and mobilise stakeholders for co-creation and co-adaptation
  • Learn specific skills and tools you can bring to the table and build hands-on knowledge of value proposition design through practising with the core tools


  • 2 days masterclass, each day building upon unique lessons with inspiring content; theory, videos, references, tools & methods, and more
  • The Value Proposition Design Toolkit with actionable tools and methods
  • Daily access to the course instructor/tutor for the week after the masterclass


value proposition, strategy, design

Meet Your Instructor and Tutors

Hoang Huynh

Value Proposition Strategy